Duplicates Module

The amount of information added daily to a CRM system can become very difficult to manage. This stands true for contact data as well which can sometimes number in the thousands. The Duplicates Module of the Qobrix CRM system is a useful tool for managing duplicate contacts in your Contacts Module efficiently and quickly.

Qobrix CRM Duplicate management and duplicate detection

Detect duplicate entries through different fields

Duplicate entries can be detected through three fields of choice, namely email address, telephone number and contact name. This gives you several ways to find and delete unnecessary or incorrect entries, quickly and easily.

Manage data in the way that suits your needs

You can delete a duplicate entry, regard it as a false positive and keep the record, or merge only the specific contact details you need from the duplicate entry with the original entry. In this way, you can better manage the information you want and need for every contact.
Qobrix CRM Duplicate management
Viewing duplicate entries in Qobrix

Choose how you want to view duplicate entries

The original Contact entry can be easily viewed alongside duplicate entries in whatever format you choose.