Advanced Search Filters

One of the most useful tools that the Qobrix Real Estate CRM system offers, Advanced Search Filters empower a user to find information they are looking for quickly and easily. Every Module in the CRM is equipped with a multiple filter search, where either all or any filters can be matched together to generate the exact results required.

Search for viewings by sales person

Filter search and save it to your dashboard

Whether you are looking for all leads assigned to a certain user labelled at a specific status or searching for all available 3-bedroom apartments in your properties within a certain price range, Qobrix makes it easy for you to ask for these details with the added functionality of being able to save any search and add it to your dashboard as a widget for future reference.

Group searches by any relevant field

The Advanced Search functionality allows you to group searches by any relevant field which assists you with the micro and macro management of your real estate business. Group all your Opportunities by user and see which salesperson is converting most of their leads; group all your leads by Marketing Campaign and discover which one is more successful; or Group all your available Property listings by number of viewings and try and pin-point what extra activities are needed to convert the opportunity to a sale.

Search for leads and group by marketing campaign