Opportunity Management

The Opportunities module is used to create, track and manage opportunities throughout the sales process. The opportunities are usually created through the lead conversion process and represent all leads that have been successfully validated by the sales team as having the potential to convert into a successful sale.

Creating opportunities in Qobrix Real Estate CRM

Manage new & existing opportunities

Once a lead is successfully validated it is then converted with one click giving options to a new set of opportunity statuses to choose from. Select which status best defines your new opportunity and modify other relevant fields such as the next follow up date, a description of the new opportunity, a change in budget or any other alterations in property requirements.

View activities related to opportunities

Use the Viewings module to track the number of planned and held viewings of a property. With the Offers module, record any offers made on a property, as well as any counteroffers. Offers can be added instantly when viewing an opportunity or a property record.

Viewing activities related to opportunities in the CRM
Convert real estate opportunity to client

Convert an Opportunity into a Client

Once a deal is finalised, simply open your opportunity record and click on convert opportunity to create your new client record and the connected client contract where you can document all the relevant information associated. This includes which property was purchased, the final selling price, agreed commissions payable along with an uploaded copy of the signed contract.