Website Design

We design and develop feature-rich, dynamic real estate websites, that have maximum impact with minimal administration. Your real estate website will clearly exhibit your property portfolio through seamless integration with the Qobrix CRM System, which will ensure that the latest prices, property data, images and availability are always reflected. Advanced search criteria, mapping, display of similar properties, and intelligent call to actions are all handled effortlessly within the website.

Your Real Estate website will have the following characteristics:


Specifications of properties from images to square feet/metres to stage of completion


Complete media management including images, videos, virtual tours and brochures in multiple languages


Easy managements of maps, facilities and neighbourhood amenities


Captivating and elegant design with fully responsive versions for mobile, tablet and desktop to allow for optimal viewing and navigation on all devices


Custom designs to elevate your brand and maximise impact

Easy to use back-end system for managing hundreds of properties

Provision of mini-CRM system to keep track of your website leads

Website Development Methodology


Considerable time will be spent with you to understand the exact requirements, content, look & feel, and aspirations for the website. Research will then be conducted to identify the best elements that could be incorporated into the website in order to differentiate it from the competition.


The creative process will ensure that the graphical language from the brand is embraced throughout the website. This will include colours, fonts, straplines, and any other graphical language element. Individual page designs will be crafted for each menu based on your content.


Once all the above is completed, the final artwork for the website will be prepared. This is an extensive process as once the Creative Designer completes the artwork, they then to fragment it into different elements in order to hand it over to the Web Development team to integrate into the code.


The Web Design & Development Phase begins with a wireframes exercise which puts together the skeleton of the website. Once the wireframes are completed, the template for the website will then be designed using the latest development languages including HTML 5 & CSS3.


Throughout the day you may use a PC, mobile phone, iPad, or even a Smart TV to view web content. Our testing and validation process ensures that every single page is tested on a range of devices to ensure a seamless user experience regardless of device.


As the final phase of the project, production deployment is carefully handled so that the website goes live without any glitches. The website will first go live on a secondary test site, and once all is confirmed to be working well, the website will go live on the official domain supplied by you.

Features & Functionality



Allows you to specify pertinent high-level information related to a project including Videos/Images, Amenities/Facilities, Site plans/Area Maps, Google map coordinates, Brochures, 3D tours/ walkthroughs, Featured Listing priority, Project Listing priority, and Address Details.



Allows you to provide detailed information related to a property including the Type of property, View, Property square feet/metres, Property specifications, Finishes, Floor plans, Construction Stage and Availability.


Mini CRM

Every website that we provide to you comes with a mini-CRM system which allows you to track all website enquiries submitted with the contact information of the client and the possible campaign that they came from.


Advanced Search

You real-estate website will come with advanced search capability which will allow a visitor to search by location, property type, number of bedrooms, nearby amenities, construction stage, square feet, availability, or any other characteristic that you may specify.

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