White Label Software


The Qobrix Real Estate White Label Software provides a unique and innovative solution when it comes to the automated deployment of multiple websites that are branded with each respective Agent’s or Sub-Agent’s logo. It provides the capability to run multiple sites from a single platform. All the property information is controlled via the system which then enables the Property Developer or Real Estate Agency to apply a distinct design, structure, content and taxonomy to multiple websites.

One of the main benefits of the solution is that it will empower the Property Developer or Real Estate Agency to create a cloned website in minutes. As an example, a real-estate website can be setup for an Agent or Sub-Agent that includes the following:

  • Custom website for the Agent or Sub-Agent on the domain selected by the Agent or Sub-Agent
  • Branded website as desired by the agent
  • Automatic adjustment of property information and status
  • No need to maintain the website as the Property Developer or Real Estate Agency will control this automatically via the Qobrix CRM System

The White Label System uses the CRM System to hold all the necessary published product information such as architectural drawings, pricing information, location information, availability, images, marketing collateral, etc.

Through a series of template-based websites that can be applied over this common data, the unbranded system allows Agents or Sub-Agents to use their own branding to give the impression they’re using their own property software.

real estate white label software

Via web forms embedded directly into the website templates, potential customers can enquire with regards to any of the displayed available properties and through a messaging service, and both the Property Developer or Real Estate Agency and the Agent or Sub-Agent will immediately become aware of the potential enquiry.

The White Label System websites are populated via the CRM System which extracts information from the CRM System and populates the White Label website accordingly.