Importing new records in Qobrix

Importing data into Qobrix CRM is an important step in getting you started in using and maintaining your information with the CRM system and making full use of its functionality.

Before you get started…

It is important that your data and formatting is correct to ensure your import is successful. Before you begin importing data to the CRM, make sure to follow our Data Preparation guide.

Data import

Once the import file has been prepared and saved as CSV, the importing of DATA through the import function of Qobrix CRM is very simple. You can access the import function of each module by going to:

<system domain> /<module>/import

For example:

Or log into your Qobrix CRM and select “import” through the module view page

Qobrix Import view

Step 1: Choose the import file created and submit

Once Selected the Import wizard will guide you through the process.

Qobrix import data -step1- file upload
Qobrix import data - file upload -csv

Step 2. Fields mapping and import

The wizard will automatically match the template file column by name to the Qobrix CRM Field names.

Qobrix import data -step2-import fields mapping

Those that are not matched could be manually mapped through a drop-down list containing ALL file column names.

Qobrix import data -step2-manual fields mapping

Step 3. Import Status

The Wizard will show a complete status update of the importing process.

Qobrix import data -step3-import status

Refresh the page to give you an update of progress until the import is complete

Qobrix import data -step3-import status refresh

Through the action “eye” icon you can inspect the details of the import and analyse any failed import and the reasons why.

Qobrix import data -step3-failed imports

Step 4. Import Validation

Through the action “eye” icon you can inspect the items imported and validate the data is correct.

Qobrix import data -step4-import validation

You have successfully completed importing your data to Qobrix CRM.