Last week was a bit chaotic, as we were busy packing up features, fixes, and improvements that the team has worked on for the last couple of month.  We haven’t done many releases – only two – but one of them is definitely one of the largest releases that we have done ever!  Have a look at the following release notes:

If only we had a way to mark a MAJOR major release, we would have done it for the Qobrix v32.0.0!

Apart from the Qobrix itself, we have also managed to do some work on the Qobrix website.  In particular, the Release Notes section got a couple of new features.

First of all, it is now much easier to identify the release notes which include at least one screenshot – you can see a little image icon on the right side of the listing.  Secondly, we have added a new filter “By version”.  So if you want to find all release notes between two particular versions, rather than between two particular dates, you can use the version dropdowns now to limit the listing.  As before, all filters work together, so you can combine your criteria.  For example, you can search for all Major releases between v20.0.0 and v32.0.0.

These are all the news for the last week.  But, have no doubt that are our pipeline is as full as always and we are working hard to bring you more features and improvements.  Stay tuned, and have a great week!