Last week our primary focus was on the CakePHP 3.6 upgrade.  We have update the codebase of more than half of all our plugins to work on both CakePHP 3.5 and CakePHP 3.6, as well as fixed several hundreds of small issues identified by the PHPStan static analysis tool.  The Qobrix version with all these updates is not ready for the release yet (as we have some more plugins to prepare), but we have managed to release a couple of minor versions with the fixes and small improvements all around:

Additionally, some of us have attended the AWSome Day Athens 2018 event in Greece, where we learned a lot about the Amazon AWS tools and services.  If you are interested in some more details of what the event was all about, have a look at this blog post.

As always, have a great week ahead and stay tuned for more updates and releases!