Last week we have finally completed the first working version of the Qobrix with CakePHP 3.6.  This is the only version that we have tagged during the week, but this is by far the largest release we have ever done!  And it even doesn’t matter which metric you choose to use – the number of people involved, the amount of time spent, the number of bugs fixed, the number of commits, or the total lines changed – each and every metric is through the roof for this version.  Read more in the release notes:

While there aren’t many visual changes in this version, it is still an important milestone, both for right now and for the future of the Qobrix development.  We have paid out a lot of the technical debt, realigned our own roadmap with that of CakePHP, and set the solid foundation for the new features and improvements.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be fixing minor issues and regressions here and there, as well as pushing out some of the new features which were stuck in the pipeline, awaiting for this release.

As always, stay tuned for more goodies and have a great week ahead!