Using your CRM for Lead Management

The term lead management has to do with how you capture and manage leads. It refers to the systems or activities you use in particular and is a vital component in closing deals. A CRM plays a significant role in lead management because of the massive volume of data it holds on your leads. But how do you go about using your CRM for lead management exactly?

CRM for lead management

A CRM can help you keep track of your contacts

Contacts play a key role in lead management as they likely relate to leads that you are engaging with or trying to sell to. A good CRM will play an integral role in helping you manage contact information efficiently. The Qobrix Real Estate Contacts module makes the process of adding and managing contacts quick and easy. With it, contacts are easily created through an embedded popup in the leads and campaigns modules. The module also allows you to minimise duplicate data effortlessly, so your information remains up-to-date.

A CRM can make monitoring all activities related to a lead more effective

Your CRM is a vital tool in monitoring all sales activities related to a lead, as well as the outcome of those activities. With Qobrix Real Estate CRM for instance, you can see all pending tasks related to a lead through the Tasks module, including task deadlines. With the Comments module, you are able to monitor all notes made on a lead, as well as follow-up. Access the Viewings module to track the number of viewings per property and the outcome of the viewings. Also monitor call logs to ensure all queries are being dealt with.

A CRM will keep you informed of what your sales team are up to

You need a CRM that gives you the ability to monitor what your sales team is doing at any given time so you can see and act on issues immediately. This information will also help you identify whether more resources require to be allocated to improve service delivery. A real estate CRM system like Qobrix provides you with this data. Combined with a unified view of your leads, your sales people will have the ability to optimise their time and prioritize tasks to make sure leads are not ignored and engaged with as required.

A CRM provides the data to pinpoint where leads are in the sales funnel

Knowing where a lead is at in their buyer’s journey helps you target and engage with them more strategically. And you want a CRM that will provide you with smart insights on every lead recorded in the system. These insights will provide you with the type of information you need to:

  1. Understand what your leads really want
  2. Tailor responses better
  3. Optimise sales and marketing campaigns
  4. Serve content with a message that resonates

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