Real Estate Portals and How Qobrix Can Help You Build Your Own!

The real estate industry has shifted towards online platforms, with real estate portals connecting buyers, sellers, and agents. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 6 global real estate portals, their popularity, pros, and cons. Moreover, we’ll discuss how Qobrix empowers entrepreneurs to create their own marketplace websites.

Top 6 Global Real Estate Portals

Zillow (USA): The market leader in the United States

Zillow is the go-to real estate portal in the United States, known for its vast property database and comprehensive information. Features like Zestimate and user-friendly interfaces have made it popular among buyers, sellers, and agents. However, its US market focus limits global reach. Drawbacks include inaccurate property valuations, overwhelming property listings, and increased competition among agents and brokers. This potentially results in higher advertising costs.

Rightmove (UK): The go-to platform for UK property seekers

Rightmove holds a dominant position in the UK real estate market, offering an extensive range of property listings and advanced search capabilities. It boasts the highest number of property listings and ensures a broad distribution of properties throughout the entire UK, making it highly likely for users to find properties in any desired area. With its user-friendly interface, accurate data, and comprehensive property details, Rightmove has become the primary choice for UK property seekers. However, its strong UK focus may limit its global coverage. Other considerations include affordability for estate agents, potential limitations on property availability if not listed exclusively on Rightmove, and limited functionality and tools for lead management.

Idealista (Spain): The preferred portal for Spanish real estate

Idealista holds a leading position as a real estate portal in Spain, known for its vast property listings, extensive market coverage, and localized approach. It offers a user-friendly platform, comprehensive property information, and advanced search features, making it highly popular among Spanish property seekers. However, its focus primarily on the Spanish market may limit its international reach. Other factors to consider include regional variations in property data accuracy and availability, limited support for effective lead management, and competitiveness among agents and agencies.

Zoopla (UK & global): Expanding reach and enhanced features

Zoopla has established itself as a well-established real estate portal, not only in the UK but also globally. It boasts a vast network of property listings, accurate valuations, and innovative tools that cater to a wide audience. Its focus on data accuracy and advanced features sets it apart. However, its global coverage may not be as extensive as some dedicated country-specific portals. Users should also consider the potentially overwhelming user interface for first-time users, limited customer support for agents or agencies, and competitiveness among agents and brokers.

Bayut (Middle East): Catering to the growing Middle Eastern market

Bayut has secured a leading position as a real estate portal in the Middle East, providing a platform for property seekers, investors, and agents. It offers a comprehensive database, detailed property information, and localized features that cater to the specific needs of the Middle Eastern market. Its localized approach and in-depth market insights contribute to its popularity. However, it primarily focuses on the Middle East, and some explorers have reported discrepancies in property availability and rental prices. (Australia): A comprehensive solution for Australian properties holds widespread recognition as a real estate portal in Australia, offering a comprehensive platform for property listings, market insights, and agent services. Its extensive coverage, detailed property information, and user-friendly interface make it a trusted resource for Australian property seekers. However, its market focus primarily revolves around Australia.

Building successful real estate marketplaces with Qobrix

When it comes to building successful real estate marketplaces, entrepreneurs require a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates essential components. Qobrix, the leading provider of CRM solutions for the real estate industry, offers a powerful platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in creating dynamic online portals. Similar to the top real estate portals mentioned above, Qobrix provides the necessary tools and features to establish and scale real estate marketplaces.

Streamlined marketplace management

Qobrix all-in-one CRM solution enables entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their real estate marketplaces. From property listings to lead capture and sales tracking, entrepreneurs can streamline their operations from a centralized platform.

Enhanced user experiences

Qobrix understands the importance of user experience in real estate marketplaces. With its customizable website feature, entrepreneurs can create intuitive interfaces tailored to their brand and target audience, enhancing the browsing experience for buyers and sellers.

Efficient collaboration and upselling opportunities

Qobrix’s CRM solution facilitates efficient collaboration among agents, brokers, and clients within the marketplace. Through the Qobrix Client Portal, entrepreneurs can foster effective communication and provide exclusive experiences to high-value clients. This opens up upselling opportunities for additional products and services.

Scalability for growth

The Qobrix platform is designed to scale alongside the growth of real estate marketplaces. Whether it’s handling increased user traffic, integrating new functionalities, or adapting to evolving market trends, Qobrix ensures that entrepreneurs can seize new opportunities and expand their marketplaces.


While the top 6 real estate portals around the world have gained popularity for their unique features and market focus, entrepreneurs seeking to create their own real estate marketplace websites can rely on Qobrix’s comprehensive CRM solution. With Qobrix, entrepreneurs have the necessary tools and features to establish and scale successful real estate marketplaces. From streamlined management and enhanced user experiences to efficient collaboration and upselling opportunities, Qobrix empowers entrepreneurs to create thriving real estate marketplaces that stand out in the industry, at an affordable price. Embark on a successful journey in the real estate industry with Qobrix.