3 Business Challenges that are impacting your Sales Team

Running a real estate business can be a complex process with multiple operational challenges that require solutions that will enable your sales team to focus on generating leads, making sales and boosting profitability. Let’s address 3 of the business challenges impacting your sales team and how these can be solved using an intelligent, next-generation real estate CRM platform like Qobrix:

1. Managing the onboarding of new clients

One of the most important components of engaging a prospective client successfully is having an onboarding procedure that’s easy to navigate, simple to complete and addresses every stage of the buyer’s journey. More than just getting a client to understand the product or service you’re offering, onboarding must ensure that you are committed to delivering that which you said your product offers, and that the client is provided with exactly what they requested. As mentioned in a previous blog, “many real estate brokers often fall victim to poor onboarding processes which include restrictive silos, poor internal communication, delays in reverting to customers, no centralised source of customer or sales related data, and more”. As a result, your sales team’s performance may be negatively impacted, resulting in poor sales and a lack of retentive customer relationships.

One way of addressing this business challenge is through automation. A CRM system like Qobrix can help you create a seamless onboarding experience through automation by:

  • centralising important data
  • speeding up access to this information – ensuring that client requests are dealt with timeously
  • streamlining operational procedures

All of which offer your team the time and capabilities to manage the whole onboarding process effectively and efficiently, from the moment a lead is generated to the point it is converted into a customer, and beyond.

2. Analytics and real-time data insights

Having insights into how your business is performing, in real time, is important for everyone, including your sales team. Whether this be the impact of marketing campaigns on increasing sales, your team’s overall ability to close deals, the status of your listings, and so forth – you need access to relevant reports or metrics that can provide you with this information.

Qobrix’s CRM system has advanced search functionalities and can generate multiple reports, providing your business with the ability to measure all marketing, customer and sales activities. This includes:

  • tracking individual or team performance
  • monitoring which marketing campaigns generate the most enquiries
  • identifying where in the buyer’s journey your customers are at
  • view available properties and more

3. Managing interactions smartly with technology

Real estate technology has become crucial to be able to monitor and manage customer and agent interactions in a way that boosts your bottom line. This is the reason many real estate firms choose the Qobrix CRM system as their platform of choice, particularly for features like the provision of automatic feeds to client and agent portals, simplifying communications between the client, agent and property developer.

Qobrix is probably the most complete real estate CRM System in the market today. From the moment a lead is created, until well into the after-sales lifecycle, the Qobrix CRM System assists with every step in the process. From viewing hot leads, determining the most productive sources, generating specific property brochures, uploading client contracts, or analysing what types of properties are in demand, the Qobrix CRM System delivers effortlessly.

In this post we have address the 3 of the most important business challenges. If you need further information, an answer to a specific question, or would like to have a video call, please contact us or send an email to [email protected].