How can a CRM system help your real estate business grow?

Jul 12, 2020 | CRM, Marketing, Sales

An innovative, modern real estate CRM solution offers the features that helps you manage your property listings more efficiently, simplifies customer acquisition, improves customer retention and streamlines complex operational workflows. But what are these features that will help you achieve all these things so that you can grow your real estate business? Let’s take a look at some of what the Qobrix Real Estate CRM solution provides.


1. Centralizes data and business processes

With the volume of data, internal and external communication and operational processes that a real estate business faces daily, you want a CRM that will help you manage these activities quickly and easily. The Qobrix Real Estate CRM platform offers a range of useful modules to simplify these tasks, giving your sales teams more time to focus on helping customers and making sales than dealing with outdated, manual administrative apps.

With the Qobrix CRM Clients module, you can centralize all essential customer information in one place, providing you with a comprehensive overview of all your clients which can be monitored in real-time. This eliminates the need for employees having to juggle multiple lists and applications, which increases risk for errors as well as lost or missing data. Other useful Qobrix CRM tools are the User Management feature with which you can create and assign users to particular groups in the CRM according to the requirements of your operational processes and procedures to streamline workflows; and the Advanced Permissions feature which allows you to assign specific permissions to users in the CRM, giving you better control over what specific users can do within particular modules.


2. Brings people and departments together

In order to help your real estate business grow, you want a CRM that encourages cross-collaboration from the moment a lead is entered into the system, through the sales funnel, and after a deal is concluded. The ability to be able to monitor multiple systems in one platform rather than switching between disparate systems is also critical, particularly as it pertains to communication or activities around a customer or opportunity. This functionality provides teams with real-time sales insights so that everyone is updated on what and how they are doing at any given moment.

For example, with the Qobrix CRM Viewings module, you can schedule viewings with opportunities, assign relevant properties to that Viewing and record the outcome of every appointment. This offers a centralized, easy-to-access historical source of reference in terms of the number of viewings a particular property has had so that you can identify why the property isn’t selling. The Qobrix CRM Comments module is another critical tool whereby any information regarding any record for a module in the CRM can be logged as a comment. As a result, the history of all actions/activities concerning a particular record can be easily tracked in one location, for e.g. be this follow-up appointments with leads, the status of sales negotiations with an opportunity, or even customer feedback after a sale has been concluded.


3. Streamlines sales & marketing campaigns in one location

As a real estate business, you will likely be running multiple campaigns, be this on social media, Google Ads, email marketing, exhibitions, trade shows, and others. The Qobrix CRM Campaigns module makes it easy to track and analyse all campaigns so that you can attribute the source of all leads to particular campaigns; establish which campaigns are generating the most leads (and converting into sales) and modify those that are performing badly; as well as track the cost implication of each campaign (anticipated revenue vs actual revenue generated) and adapt accordingly.

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